Survivors of the Gloria Scott Gala 2003
We cannot express the depth of our joy when the above invitation arrived in our mail box! The Survivors of the Gloria Scott's annual Gala is THE social event of the Sherlockian birthday season, and we had been honored by an invitation to join in the festivities! Among the others so honored was the legendary Sherlockian Bob Burr (Peoria Bob, The Rascally Lascar). Mr. Burr, like Mycroft Holmes and Nero Wolfe, seldom leaves his "digs" in Peoria but the hopes were high that he would be unable to resist attending the Survivors' Gala. So, the Gala actually began with Bob Burr's tribute to his late friend, Kendall Pagan given at noon, 1/11/03 at Reedy River Falls Park in Greenville. We quote:

"Few of you knew my very good friend, Kendall J. Pagan. Kendall was a truly great representation of all that is good about a Sherlockian.
"Kendall was born in Succasunna, New Jersey on August 7, 1950. An early fascination with the tales of Sherlock Holmes led to his meteoric rise as one of the world's leading Sherlockian scholars, his erudite contributions appearing in 'The Baker Street Journal,' 'Wheelwrightings,' in addition to others.
"Coupled with his keen intellect was his fine athletic ability, manifesting itself chiefly in the field of high diving. Combining this with his love of things Sherlockian, he founded both the Reichenbachian Cliff Divers and that organization's esteemed journal, 'Reichenbachian Cliff Notes.'
"Kendall made numerous successful dives at such famous cataracts as Passaic Falls, Reichenbach Falls, Bridalveil Falls, and Victoria Falls.
"We are gathered here today to commemorate his valiant leap over the Reedy River Falls during his visit to Greenville on March 23, 1993. It is most unfortunate that he was unaware of your predecessor Scion, the Knights of Shag. He would have loved for you all to have seen him that day. Kendall had, as his life's goal, the desire to jump from as many falls as possible, and even the smaller falls, such as yours, called to him.
"Unfortunately, his life's ambition was ended during an attempt to dive from Angel Falls, a 3,212-foot cataract in Venezuela. A sudden gust of wind resulted in his untimely death on June 16, 2002.
"He is survived by his wife, Mindy, and twin brother Wendall Pagan. He was childless due to a serious accident that occurred in connection with one of his Passaic Falls dives. Failing to keep his legs together at the end of a full gainer, he came down - straddle fashion, onto huge log, which was floating at the base of the falls."

The Venue!

Much to our delight, Greenville's tasteful Christmas decorations were still brightly shining as we made our way to the elegant Diogenes Room housed in fashionable Charlie's Steak House in downtown Greenville, SC. Coffee Street was appropriately lined with Victorian gaslights warmly illuminated to welcome The Survivors and their guests.

The Gathering
Survivors and guests checked their top hat, one formal deerstalker, and a Sherlock Rabbit

and gathered to socialize


Dr. Tracy Revels (left) and Karen Milner pose in proper Victorian dress.
Elizabeth Norman arrived attired as Alice Turner (BOSC). She is a student in Dr. Revels' college class Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Humanities 101 I Learned from Sherlock Holmes and The Survivors' newest member!
Dr. Tracy Revels, in the role of "the mysterious lady" (CHAS), gives Charles Augustus Milverton (Roger Kellog) what for with a "take that, you hound, and that, and that, and that, and that!"


This is Lois, the maître d'hôtel assigned to oversee the Gala banquet. We understand that the personnel at Charlie's Steak House drew straws to see who would get this coveted assignment. Lois drew the short straw.
The legendary David Milner (Col. Openshaw), the Survivors' Ship's Purser, in costume as "a decrepit Italian Priest" (FINA), solemnly opens the formal Gala proceedings!
Richard Mackintosh (Big Mac), Survivor's Ship's Captain, calls the assembled Gala revelers to order. For services rendered to The Survivors, Big Mac was awarded a copy of "The Firearms of Sherlock Holmes, 2nd. ed.", autographed by the author, Eugene McGinley


Survivors of the Gloria Scott and guests assemble for a sumptuous dinner of steak and salmon impeccably prepared by the chefs at Charlie's. David Milner (upper left) addresses the group. The Suvivors' guests Joel Senter, Bob Burr and Carolyn Senter were seated in places of honor at the right of The Ship's Captain, Richard Mackintosh (center). Bob and Carolyn are seen here; Joel is taking the photograph.


Ship's Purser, David Milner presents a bottle of fine chardonnay to Admiral Roger Kellogg (in the formal garb) for long and faithful service to The Survivors of the Gloria Scott far above and beyond the call of duty! (To identify the wine, please roll your cursor over the above picture, provided that you are a consenting adult over the age of 18 years).


Here, the intrepid Survivors' Thespian Society performs an original Dr. Tracy Revels script, Austin Powers in live and Let Shag in which Powers takes advantage of time travel to investigate whether Sherlock Holmes might have been an ancestor. L-R: Joe Yanick, Roger Kellogg, Dr Bob Cox, David Milner, Karen Milner, Richard Mackintosh, Ben Cothran and Dr. Tracy Revels (playwright). Click here to read Dr. Revels' script.
The active membership of The Survivors of the Gloria Scott obliged your webmaster by posing for the official 2003 Gala group photo. Here we see: Front: Richard Mackintosh, Dr. Tracy Revels; Rear: Dan Tollison, "A decrepit Italian Priest" (David Milner), Roger Kellogg, Ben Cothran, Dr. Bob Cox


The highlight of the evening was the awarding of an honorary membership in The Survivors of the Gloria Scott to one of the most erudite Sherlockians in our community, Sue Dahlinger. Congratulations, Ms. Dahlinger! Since Ms. Dahlinger, unfortunately, was not in attendance at the Gala, honored guest Bob Burr agreed to receive her certificate for her.


Elizabeth Norman, closed the Gala evening with a poignant reading of Vincent Starrett's poem "221B."

The Ship's Purser, David Milner, summarized the evening in the scion's publication, The Gaslight Gazette, with the following observation, "There were no fights and the police were not called."


This web page could not have been created without the kind cooperation of the Survivors of the Gloria Scott and the invaluable assistance of David & Karen Milner and Dr. Tracy Revels. Our profound thanks!